Key Words: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compares Bernie Sanders’s victory in Nevada to Nazi invasion — now people want him fired

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“‘I was reading last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940. And the general, Reynaud, calls up Churchill and says, ‘It’s over.’ And Churchill says, ‘How can that be? You’ve got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?’ He said, ‘It’s over.’”

That’s MSNBC’s Chris Matthews comparing the big win for Bernie Sanders at the Nevada caucuses to the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Here’s the clip:

Sanders, indeed, scored a massive win and cemented his status as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. We’ll get an even better idea next week in South Carolina and then on Super Tuesday on March 3.

For now, Sanders is the man, and the comments from Matthews aren’t going over well, starting with the Vermont senator’s communications director:

And in this cancel culture of ours, calls for Matthews’s dismissal rang out:

But not everybody thought his comments were worthy of him losing his job:

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