Personal Finance Daily: Cuomo says federal government should pay frontline workers ‘hazard pay,’ and this social worker is living paycheck to paycheck after coronavirus dried up her nanny business

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Did coronavirus sideline your wedding plans? Some companies see a marketing opportunity during the lockdown

More than one in four couples said they rescheduled their planned ceremonies for 2021.

Cuomo: Federal government should pay frontline workers ‘hazard pay’ for risking their lives during coronavirus pandemic

‘They are the true heroes in this crisis,’ Cuomo said.

‘I don’t need the money, but I do need my friends and family.’ Meet the California quilt maker who’s sewing dozens of face masks

‘The iron burn on my hand and the sliced finger glued back together don’t deter me from my mission.’

‘She thought it was a prank call.’ During the coronavirus pandemic, dealing with health-care is perilous for those with disabilities

‘The woman who answered was polite, but could not understand me.’

‘There’s something to be said about loyalty, right?’ This furloughed worker says he’s reluctant to take a job at a competitor

‘The last financial crisis we had, a lot of very successful companies were born, and I could see the same thing happening with this.’

‘I need the money, but I also deserve respect.’ This social worker is living paycheck to paycheck after coronavirus dried up her nanny business

A recent report from the National Domestic Workers Alliance warned that domestic workers were experiencing ‘extreme job loss.’

‘I’m terrified of losing everything I’ve worked for.’ This woman found a new job, bought a car, and was furloughed due to coronavirus

‘I just can’t fail anymore.’ Ashleigh Hanks fears for her health and financial stability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘I was punished for being responsible. I filed my 2019 taxes early — and received almost no stimulus check’

‘Is there anything I can do? I find this very unjust and poorly thought out.’

‘My dad claimed me as a dependent on his 2018 return. I haven’t filed my 2019 return. Can I still claim $1,200?’ Answers to your stimulus check questions (Part 2)

Tax Guy answers reader questions about the $1,200 payments many Americans will receive under the CARES Act.

‘On IRS Form 1040, I accidentally checked the box saying I could be claimed as a dependent. Will I receive $1,200?’ Answers to your stimulus check questions (Part 3)

Tax Guy answers more reader questions about the $1,200 payments many Americans will receive under the CARES Act.

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One $1,200 stimulus check won’t cut it. Give Americans $2,000 a month tax-free to fire up the economy

Emergency Money for the People Act covers what the CARES Act missed, writes Rep. Tim Ryan.

‘Summer’s going to be a disaster,’ warns Trump adviser who compared lockdown protesters to Rosa Parks

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to President Donald Trump, recently compared those protesting against social-distancing restrictions to a Rosa Parks. Now, he’s back with a gloomy message.

A glimmer of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel in Spain

As Spain enters its sixth week of lockdown, the country’s confined children swing into focus as the government tries to ease tight restrictions to battle the deadly virus.

Nearly 6 in 10 in new poll fear U.S. moving too quickly to ease coronavirus restrictions

Some 36% of those polled said they trust what President Trump says about the coronavirus, while 52% don’t; 66% said they trust their state’s governor; and 60% said they trust Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

‘Books will be written about today’ — Oil’s incredible plunge leaves people shocked, searching for answers

No, your monitor is not malfunctioning. Oil prices made history on Monday, finishing in negative territory and implying that investors will need to pay buyers to take a barrel of crude.