NewsWatch: It’s like the Wild West with ‘get-rich-quick crowd’ vs. Wall Street pros, but it’s too easy to blame retail investors for ‘rampant speculation’

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Tales of out-of-work 20 and 30-somethings using coronavirus-stimulus checks to scoop up stocks on Wall Street with reckless abandon are emerging fast and furiously, but the reasons behind the recent fervor for investing is, perhaps, far simpler. See full story.

Asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus appears to be worse than SARS or influenza — 5 reasons you should care

Asymptomatic transmission ‘is the Achilles’ heel of COVID-19 pandemic control, one study says. See full story.

The new tech hubs: With more employees working from home, companies could diversify workforces

A confluence of factors tied to COVID-19, the thriving work-from-home economy, and social protests could be accelerating momentum in Atlanta and other destinations far from Silicon Valley. The events have put a spotlight squarely on the hiring patterns of U.S. corporations during a slice of time when the physical location of prospective employees isn’t crucial, and when most organizations are actively supporting social causes with donations, pledges of support, and vows to do more on diversity and inclusion. See full story.

Low-information ‘investors’ rule the stock market — at least until they lose every cent

Robinhood and day-trading newbies already are getting their comeuppance. See full story.

Government’s cure for the coronavirus recession is worse for the global economy than the disease

Heavy debt and slow economic growth threaten stocks, bonds and currencies, writes Satyajit Das. See full story.


Many black taxpayers aren’t in a financial position to access the tax code’s ‘special aspects.’ See full story.

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