NewsWatch: ‘Trouble’s coming,’ warns short-selling legend who just cashed in a roughly $100 million winning bet

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Jim Chanos, fresh off a huge win, is casting gloom over the current state of the stock market. See full story.

Shares of Tesla have surged on hope of inclusion in the S&P 500. But does being added to an index help a stock?

It used to be good for stocks to be added to indexes, but that is changed in the past decade or so, according to new research. See full story.

The 10 coolest things about the new Ford Bronco

The revived classic brings loads of excitement to an already red-hot off-road space. See full story.

Here’s the stock sector you want to be in if the Democrats sweep the November elections

Regulation won’t end up being as bad as feared now. See full story.

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio fears for the dollar and the ‘soundness of our money,’ and here’s why

Gold is rallying at the start of the week, as U.S.-China tensions and coronavirus fears mount, but the U.S. dollar is continuing to decline. See full story.


‘We should try as best as we possibly can to open up the schools,’ says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the veteran epidemiologist. See full story.

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